Still Learning To See

What’s important…really?

The insanity of the past weeks offers us so many opportunities to learn, both on small and large scales, about what’s important, really, in life?

Certainly the planet that hosts life, even with all the damage we have done to her. Certainly friends and family, even if we must find new ways to be with each other.


Screen Shot 2020-03-14 at 7.11.00 AM.png

And for those who are not able to be with family, I know I can bridge those gaps and find ways to be with each other—drop a meal off for someone who is shut in, pick a bouquet of flowers for that neighbor I’ve been thinking about, a quick email to my sisters and brothers to remind us all of what’s really important, time to talk with our granddaughter and hear her fears about all this craziness and her excitement about life; and to appreciate we are all part of a community, big or small, and to find ways to nurture that and be nurtured by it.

Screen Shot 2020-03-14 at 7.09.37 AM

As I think back over my now 70+ years, time really shrinks and spins and what’s important is pretty easy to see and see clearly.

Wedding morning

What’s important to me? To remember this is not the first time we’ve faced tough times and it will not be the last and to hold close the fact that all of us together in this miraculous world is what’s important and always has been!



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10 thoughts on “What’s important…really?

  1. Dianne Shullenberger on said:

    These thoughts and pictures were a wonderful way to start my day and start it with hope and determination. Thank you.

  2. Barbara Burnett on said:

    Thanks so much for this, John! Barbara

  3. Karen Snell Dailey on said:

    Amen, dear brother! You are helping me and many others to keep our sanity during these challenging days…weeks…months. Thank you!

  4. Sarah Albert on said:

    Thank you, John–such a sweet photo of you and Liz!

  5. Rob N on said:

    What a beautiful essay this is. . . .really great sentiment.

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