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Real treasure: Ginkgo gold


I’ve often wondered why materials that are in short supply, like gold, are valued by some as treasure. The notion of something like pyrite or fool’s gold which anyone can find seems a much better definition of treasure.


This week I’d add to the list of treasure-for-all the fall (and falling!) leaves of Ginkgo. Eureka indeed! And no digging or environmental ruin is required to enjoy the wealth, only a few quiet moments on a cool fall morning or a bit of time to sit near the tree in blazing sun.


Oh, and I guess, in fact, Ginkgo gold is rare because the treasure, like much of what is found in the hills of Vermont, comes and goes in just a matter of a week or two…and at least in our yard the time for this treasure is now. Happy prospecting!



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3 thoughts on “Real treasure: Ginkgo gold

  1. Veer Frost on said:

    Loved these (I think, ancient) trees on UVM campus, very good to ‘see’ again thanks to your photos, John!

  2. Thanks Veer. Yes, they are ancient trees; The leaves of today’s tree are identical to those found in fossils 270 thousand years old. Also, they were unknown to most of the world until “discovered” in the mountains of China in the early-1800s and very quickly was treasured around the world as a specimen tree. Nearly all planted trees nowadays are males because the fruit produced by the female tree is typically left to rot on the ground producing smells that are off putting. That said, the fruit is prized in some cultures.This tree is a female I raised from a group of seedlings.

  3. Karen Dailey on said:

    Yes, sometimes we find our treasures in life in the most unexpected places… When we “learn to see” them, they are so very apparent! As a card I recently received says, “Until further notice, celebrate everything!” Here’s to the fall ginkgo all dressed in its golden leaves!

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