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Light in water


Rarely am I photographing water without having my mind blown. Today, spending a couple hours on the North Branch at the Cascades, was no exception.

Intense sunshine illuminates the stream bottom and the ripples form both shadows and surface textures. Add a layer of reflected light and magic happens.

The patterns are infinite and a slight move one way or another changes everything. Blue sky sneaks between brightly light tree tops adding to the reflected color palette.

And maybe best of all, even though it is not specifically related to the art of photography, I often stand in the water while I work!

The beauty of working a stream like this is the camera stops the motion in ways the eye cannot. I have an idea of what the result will be, but what actually shows up on the screen is often just beyond imagining.


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5 thoughts on “Light in water

  1. No 3768 is the most glorious picture, painting, sunset, commingling of colors and textures, I’ve ever seen. It took my breath away. Really. t

  2. Yes, as I said, my mind was blown!

  3. Veer Frost on said:

    Speechless before this beautiful array, and grateful it exists and was seen(captured?), and now shared.

  4. I would say that you’re practicing contemplative photography. Thank you for sharing the gifts of your practice.

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