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More from Window Seat 29E

A stop in Salt Lake City provided some stunning views of the mountains—so different from the rural surroundings and hills of Joseph Smith’s birthplace in Vermont. The ice on Utah Lake, a relatively shallow, freshwater body of water had clearly been frozen, broken, and reassembled more than once, a large, intricate jigsaw puzzle.


The views of the Great Salt Lake showed no ice, of course, and the “snow” was probably mostly salt deposits. While water freezes at 32F, this Lake doesn’t begin to turn solid until the temperature reaches 27F.


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One thought on “More from Window Seat 29E

  1. Dale Dailey on said:

    I remember our recent trip to California and the return, where I got to sit at the window. I thought of you and wished I had my camera.
    Thanks for sharing.

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