Still Learning To See

“Don’t be afraid of its plenty…”

Thank you again to Mary Oliver for her poem, “Don’t Hesitate,” a beautiful reminder of the abundance of joy in life. Seeing the world through my camera gives me both the joy of focusing on what is in front of me and, in many cases, also being able to see the photographs I’ve made. I shared some of these here yesterday and offer more today in the hope they will remind you of the joy that is plentiful in the world.

After our long Vermont winters—which I love—even I am ready for more sunshine, fewer clothes and warmer temperatures. Flowers too!

And greens of every imaginable shade!

Up close, filling my eyes to overflowing, and in the distance, filling whole valleys in ways unimaginable…



I’ve never been able to see the world, as many photographers do so ably, in black and white. Colors, soft and lush like the blooms of this Horse Chestnut, draw me as surely as a bumblebee is drawn.


One of the remarkable qualities of many plants is that they both reflect light—what enables us to see their colors—while also transmitting it through their thin parts. The combination of the two often takes my breath away, Perhaps these peony blossoms will affect you in a similar way?



When I have forgotten what the world really is all about—joy—a bit of rain serves to refresh my vision.


The miracle of blue skies and green leaves always astonishes me.

But to most of us, color abounds!


A flowers, not only in a literal rainbow of colors, but of shapes and forms too. Here the ubiquitous and lovely Queen Anne’s Lace and the too seldom seen flowers of the American Chestnut tree.

And, one of the greatest joys for me as a photographer is standing ankle deep in cool water on a warm summer day lost in the mysteries of reflections, light and movement.

Our world, despite the horror of nearly every daily headline, overflows with beauty and joy even in something as simple as a strand of green seaweed on the sand. Thank you  Mary Oliver for reminding me of that!


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9 thoughts on ““Don’t be afraid of its plenty…”

  1. Rob Spring on said:

    A lovely collection of beauty. Thanks for sharing and making a big difference in this world.

  2. Great to have you along for so many of these. Onward to 2019!

  3. gypsysally on said:

    On to 2019! Forward in all directions!!!!!!

  4. Kate Spring on said:

    “Our world, despite the horror of nearly every daily headline, overflows with beauty and joy even in something as simple as a strand of green seaweed on the sand.” Yes. Thank you for your reflections and all the beauty you share!

  5. Oh john! so much to be grateful for! but most of all grateful for the generous soul who shares it with all of us-thank you!

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