Still Learning To See

Road cut jewels, Maple Corner, Vermont


From the outside, it was “just” a rock. Inside? Split by some huge road machine and left for no one (or anyone who walked by) to appreciate, it became an abstract of immense beauty! “Impossible!” you say? No, this is what I saw on the edge of the road near Maple Corner!

I am often asked “did you use PhotoShop to enhance that?” The short answer is “NO!” While I do make minor adjustments to my images in software, the resulting photographs compare accurately to what I saw at the time I made them.

I’ve learned to look for and see the jewels in such places as this humble road cut, and also continue to look for and find ways to share them through my photographs. A world of magic and wonder awaits me when I slow down, look around and see what is so close by.

This poem by Mary Oliver, shared recently by a friend, certainly speaks to seeing these sorts of found wonders.

Oliver poem

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