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Furchgott announcement

Last Spring my friend and (fabulous) fellow artist, Dianne Shullenberger, and I mounted a show at the Gruppe Gallery entitled “What Did the Rock Say?”  Both of us were delighted with how the show came together and decided shortly after that we’d mount a second version to share more of the work the rocks have inspired in us.

I’m pleased to share the news that the new show Dianne and I have created, “Listening to Rocks,” will open on Friday, October 12th, at the Furchgott Sourdiffe Gallery in Shelburne, Vermont. Dianne’s work will be both colored pencil and fabric while mine will include several photographs from the previous show and others new and never before shown!

The formal opening of the show is on Friday, October 19th, from 5-7. I do hope you will come join us to see these fine works of art up close and have a chance to talk with us about them.


Over the next several days, I’ll be sharing the photographs hanging in this show so please stay tuned. This, “Stones in Water on Limestone at Lake Michigan,” has become a favorite of mine since I first printed it this summer.

The spot near Charlevois, Michigan, where I photographed the stones is remarkable in that rather than a big sandy beach there is a great flat expanse of limestone extending far into the Lake covered in a variety of small and large stones and pebbles of all colors and shapes. Like many parts of Michigan the impact of the glacier can still be clearly seen here both in the large erratics deposited by the ice and now found along the shore and these smaller stones reduced from the erratics as they are worn with time.

The clear, swirling waters of Lake Michigan on a sunny day are the perfect filter through which to photograph especially perfect considering I was standing in the water on a warm day. And the rocks were definitely clicking and talking and winking as the waves came in, surprisingly in a language that is not hard to understand when I was quiet and listening.




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6 thoughts on “Listening to Rocks

  1. Congratulations, John!

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Wonderful news, John–certainly wish I could be there, and I hope you’ll keep us posted as the time approaches. Will there be a website for the event? I’ve just spend some time marveling at Diane’s sculpture pieces:

    You both share such a love of the natural world and a talent for interpreting it through your art.

    Thanks again! 🙂

  3. Dianne Shullenberger on said:

    Absolutely wonderful text. I love the last sentence. I can’t wait to see all our pieces together. D


  4. Deborah Leu on said:

    Wow – just wow!

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