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Through my lens in 5 days

I’m so fortunate to live in Vermont and, yet, be able to travel and, even more fortunate, whether here or elsewhere, to have an amazing partner to share life with.

The last five days has been full of amazing beauty and contrast, from reflections in meltwater and old cattails ready for Spring to a magical stream that freezes water and light; from more than a foot of new snow to a quick trip to NYC where the trees of Central Park, as stunning as ever, were budding and waking and where more people live in one building than in all of our little town; from the insanity of getting to JFK to the deep, dark quiet of I-89 headed home and then waking this morning to -8F and bright sunshine, feeling full and rested.


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One thought on “Through my lens in 5 days

  1. These are stunningly beautiful photographs, John. They clearly do come from a happy heart.

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