Still Learning To See


Regular readers know I love cold weather, especially the kind called “deep freeze.” Several weeks ago we had temperatures cold enough that the ice on the North Branch, and in the water, was not only gorgeous, but in some places it was challenging to determine whether the water was liquid or solid.

And anywhere there was still air and high humidity, such as along the small streams flowing into the river, amazing rime frost formed with crystals feathers in many places nearly an inch long.


The big challenge when photographing such delicate formations is to step gently and not exhale! And it is always fascinating to try to understand the causes of the small temperature differences shown by the frost. Of course, I look forward to Spring, but I’ll bide my time and keep on looking at the ice while it is here.


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One thought on “32°F

  1. ehwfram on said:

    Such lovely images. Thank you for presenting the diversity of ice so beautifully! These are glorious shots…

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