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Just add some green…



Yes, of course, New York City has many parks, some glorious and full of trees, and many of the streets are home to what with some disdain I call “street trees”—the Gingkos dropped their leaves this week, not golden but still green. Some luxury penthouses have trees on their balconies but they are, of course, not open to the general public even if birds might occasionally visit. If the truth be told, and why not, whole sections of this city, like too many others, live without enough green for life to be healthy.

When one has to watch television or even view a blog like this in order to see green, something’s not right with the world. Blood pressure increases, the reality of the seasons is simplified to a grumpy “too hot/too cold,” and humans begin to believe we exist outside the real world. To counter that latter bit of fake news, humans could not exist without plants as they provide the oxygen we breathe. And, of course, as is the beauty of our planet, they are dependent on animals, in large part, to provide them with CO2, essential to all plant life.

Now is still a great time to plant a tree, either in your yard or on the streets of where you live. One of the main reason I love trees, in addition to their greenness, is the fact that they have a good chance of outliving the human who plants them—they will exist beyond my lifetime and yours which immediately causes my point of view to shift toward wanting the world to be more sane than it has been in recent times.


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2 thoughts on “Just add some green…

  1. Sarah Albert on said:

    I collected a lot of red oak acorns and American chestnuts this fall in hope of getting them to grow next year!

  2. The contrast of a few pictures with trees and all those lifeless ones of buildings in your post really makes the point and the point is well taken! Add some green whether it be with street trees, rooftop gardens, or window boxes; cities need green!!!

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