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Being here now

I love the changes in weather, such good reminders to simply be here now. Honestly, it would not be hard to find something wrong with the weather every day—I hear it often! Instead, I know that with few exceptions, we can count on the weather to change about the time I’m ready to compain, and with those changes I can test my own capacity to accept and be here now—wherever that is.


A sundog lights the sky over Camel’s Hump.

Summer arrived with delicious and blistering (both!) heat earlier this week. The air thick and blue, the living world exploding into bloom. Last night the heat broke leaving this morning all is bright and crisp again.


How lucky I am to have both these “nows” in a week, all in this lovely little town we live in nestled in a valley.


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4 thoughts on “Being here now

  1. Julia on said:

    Lucky indeed! It’s important to keep that in mind, when tempted to complain, with so many others on this planet who are NOT lucky. “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.”― Alfred Wainwright, A Coast to Coast Walk “-)

  2. Yes, the Vermont variation on that is “you are not cold, you just don’t have enough clothes on!” And I don’t mean to suggest by any means that all is right with the world. I count days like these and the beauty of where I live as a very real reminder of all i must do in this life to have others be able to experience similar “luck” in their circumstances.

  3. Those photograph are magical

  4. Sarah Albert on said:

    I saw that last night—you captured it beautifully!



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