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Blooms and blooms and more blooms

A bit of rain this morning and I noticed how preoccupied I was—coffee, family, news, aches, plans, piles of stuff, etc.—when suddenly I looked up from this damned screen to see the glory of the soft green light out the window.

The world is, in fact, again in full bloom, caring not a fig for politics (except as it has caused blooms to come a week or two early) or my small thoughts. It is a good time to celebrate that world “just beyond,” the world of the present.

The tulips, having enjoyed a long bloom, are now nearly faded and seeing them up close seemed like a good place to be.


The air this past week has been filled with the scent of Lilacs. Walking around town I just bury my face in them! The shrubs, sometimes several hundred years old, can often be found by the cellar holes of long abandoned homesteads around Vermont. I was pleased to notice this week the Catbird has decided to nest among the white blooms.


Last week the plums were in bloom and this week the tart cherries, both glorious in sight and scent, all the more so anticipating the fruit that will come if all goes well. For the present, however, the blooms in soft light are more than sufficient.


And, if all these are not enough, the Bleeding Heart has unfolded its magnificence. A plant that came to us from Northern China, Korea and Japan in the 1840s is, in any light, certainly one of the joys of the early garden.

Thank you for taking time to enjoy these blooms. Please join me today being outside in the blooming world—up close or at a distance —and in smelling the fragrance which can’t come through on my computer screen.

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3 thoughts on “Blooms and blooms and more blooms

  1. Dianne Shullenberger on said:

    took a break from garden chores and enjoyed he blossoms and blooms in our yard yesterday. Love learning new things about the bleeding heat’s origin. D


  2. Julia on said:

    What a wonderful call to beauty, John–it’s so important not to put off paying attention to all the blooming, since each tree and plant has a finite season. Thanks for your reminder of what is really important, amid the “busy-ness” of our days! 🙂

  3. Deborah Leu on said:

    Beautiful assortment of spring beauties!

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