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Small differences


As a photographer I’ve long marveled at the small differences in light and composition that make a photograph either dynamic or a cliché. In my career as an educator who spent thirty years teaching people all over the world to “Think Thermally,” I also never failed to be amazed at how a small difference—in temperature—could change so much, especially when that difference was between 31°F and 33°F.


Yesterday found me rushing to get out onto my favorite little stream in Middlesex in the bitter cold (1°F) to catch the new ice that only last week—as temperatures soared to 50°F—had suddenly become meltwater. I was rewarded with several kinds of ice patterns I’ve never seen before and a delightful, even if cold, morning hiking the length of this remarkable spot.


Rain again here this morning and predictions of more single digits this weekend: I love March!

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3 thoughts on “Small differences

  1. Bipasha on said:

    Very nice photos 🙂

  2. Deborah Leu on said:

    Awesome water and ice images, John!

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