Still Learning To See

One step at a time…with care!

I love photographing water. Often it is necessary to get wet, not an unpleasant thing much of the year. But the rocks in our Vermont streams are typically slippery, and I’m now old enough I fear more for my bones than for my camera!

jrs-03772Thankfully my good friend Rob discovered LLBean’s “Streamside Cleats.” While they don’t make me invincible, they do make life safer and less worrisome when in the water like we were this week on the upper reaches of the North Branch of the Winooski.

Exactly what reflections in the water I see depends in large part on exactly where I am in relation to what is being reflected. Moving slightly in any direction can make so much difference in the photograph—not that it is hard to go wrong most of the time! Here are two, both beautiful, with just a bit of change of perspective between them:

jrs-03838 jrs-03846


Being able to get right out where I need to be allows me to see some fabulous reflections, even with Fall foliage only just beginning.

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14 thoughts on “One step at a time…with care!

  1. One of my favorite subjects – they’re beautiful! ‘Streamside Cleats’ – what a brilliant idea. A summer version of YaxTrax!

  2. Yes! Still learning to use them. Rock hopping seems less safe than just wading in but they are much better than anything else I’ve ever used in the streams and rivers.

  3. Kelley Taft on said:

    Hi John,

    Beautiful and inspiring!!



    On Wed, Sep 28, 2016 at 10:03 AM, Still Learning To See wrote:

    > John Snell posted: “I love photographing water. Often it is necessary to > get wet, not an unpleasant thing much of the year. But the rocks in our > Vermont streams are typically slippery, and I’m now old enough I fear more > for my bones than for my camera! Thankfully my good ” >

  4. Martha Snell on said:

    Oh my goodness, to think that you had all the fall foliage water shots is mistaken. They are endless and these are new creations.
    Thank you John.

  5. So glad to be back! I’m not sure what happened, but I hadn’t been getting your posts and then the computer went down. You know how I love your water reflections photography–it’a as if your camera sees THROUGH what we call “reality” into the magic that lies within and beneath. As Loren Eiseley said, “If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” Thanks so much, John–

  6. A very fine series! (I’m a water-lover as well…)

  7. robwspring24 on said:


    The last photo with the reflections of the leaves is spectacular, one that needs to be added to your best of the best.


    Rob Spring 802.249.8166


  8. Deborah Leu on said:

    I love reflections – and these shots are beautiful!

  9. I love these reflection pieces. esp. the one with the big blue splat near the bottom. No, the one with the large cells of color. No, the one with the smaller multi-colored splashes . Lovely, John. t

  10. Nancy Jordan on said:

    It is just amazing all the colors and designs one can capture. These water patterns are gorgeous — would make beautiful, colorful pictures in the home. Thank you.

  11. Stunning!!

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