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Spinning light into magic

DSC02673This completes my posts about George Sherwood’s exhibit of kinetic sculpture at Shelburne Museum entitled “Wind, Waves, and Light,” can be seen through the end of October. I hope you will! It is just one of a number of great reasons to visit the Museum.

This piece, titled Wind Sphere, like other is both brilliant and wonderfully mysterious in its workings. I can’t imagine how the artist conceived of it but am grateful for his vision creating it and his skill in crafting it.

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I was especially fascinated by seeing how the two hemispheres played against each other as it rotated. The seemingly simply web of lines becomes delightfully intertwined and constantly changing. Add to that the reflections of light and dark and green and blue off the stainless steel, and magic was clearly happening before my eyes.

Many thanks to Mr. Sherwood and the Shelburne Museum for bringing this exhibit to Vermont!


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One thought on “Spinning light into magic

  1. Deborah Leu on said:

    Thanks for sharing this fascinating exhibit through your fabulous photos!

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