Still Learning To See

Art is powerful!


I’d love to climb into George Sherwood’s mind and see how his work gets started and then continue to hang out long enough to see how he devises the darned things! Since I can’t, I’ll be satisfied with seeing this brilliant work, on exhibit at Shelburne Museum, making magic in front of the Round Barn.

I studied one of the pieces, in particular, and had very little success in discovering how the mind of this sculptor works!


When I tried to look closely at this piece, entitled “Surf,” I found it would not hold still long enough in either time or space for me to figure it out. Plus I became so dazzled by the changes in light and shape—literally it seemed like several different sculptures all in one—I had to steady myself at one point or risk ending up on the ground smiling and crazy. Art is powerful, right?!

In the end I decided one of the artist’s “secrets” was the many bends he’d made in the reflective surfaces but beyond that, as the slide show below suggests, I’m still mostly just amazed at what this creative genius can do with light and wind.

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2 thoughts on “Art is powerful!

  1. Stunningly beautiful..& Amazing!

  2. Deborah Leu on said:

    Beautiful variety of shots, John.

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