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Cuba: choices for all of us

We all make choices, both as individuals and, collectively, as countries. The choices the United States and Cuba have made have had clear consequences for many, and most of them are not particularly beneficial to humanity. This has often resembled a game of chess, but it has been a deadly one.

I’m grateful President Obama and his family are in Cuba for the next several days and hope the choices they make—with Cubans—continue to tip the balance back in favor of humanity.


Downtown Miami


Downtown Havana

While tourism looks like it will play a large role in the future of these improved relationships, I hope we can aim for a balance between Havana of today and Miami. The world doesn’t need another city sinking into the sea as a result of flagrant consumerism.

Cuba-8170And yet the needs in Cuba are immense and the choices we in the United States make can help make a positive difference to Cubans.

There is also a great deal we can learn from Cuba. I believe the children are very well-educated and loved and ready to move on into a post-embargo world where they will make a difference for all the rest of us.



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5 thoughts on “Cuba: choices for all of us

  1. Julia on said:

    Good points, John–my concern centers around the harm that rampant capitalism could do to these people. Your pictures of Havana and Miami sum up that concern, I’d hate to see Cuba filled with the awful tourist “markets” that our family encountered on a Caribbean cruise. I couldn’t stay, when I saw a wealthy person trying to haggle over a $2 item.

  2. Deborah Leu on said:

    Let us hope for the best – or at least some good. I do believe it is better to engage with Cuba than continue the embargo.

  3. As someone coming from a formerly-communist country and culture, I am torn on this one. I only wish and pray for the internal strength and peace for the beautiful people of Cuba. And beautiful people of America. We have so much more in this world than 3,000 sq feet houses and 30 pairs of shoes produced in China.

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