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Sandhill Cranes heading south

CO-5087We were fortunate to be near Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge this week and were able to see thousands of Sandhill Cranes coming in for the evening. The sounds they make are other-worldly as they come in from miles out in wave after wave. They then drop a wing and almost fall out of the sky as they slow to land waiting as others come in, calling back and forth.

As if this was not enough, we were treated to a magnificent sunset and setting crescent moon over the mountains to the west.



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3 thoughts on “Sandhill Cranes heading south

  1. Dunes and cranes, moon and Dipper – all magnificent, John. Thank you. When we heard the cranes flying overhead at dawn in New Mexico, we felt as if we were listening to the beginning of life on earth.

  2. Pure magic – what an experience!

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