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A few more of water

You never really know what you might catch when you go fishing, right? I managed to snag some great new photographs with “water” as the theme, including this one of a couple of my nephews fishing in a puddle.

All these photographs were made from airplanes on commercial flights: a glacier near McCarthy, Alaska; ice—broken and reformed—and wind-blown snow on Lake Erie; ice and open water on Lake Erie, and sand shoals near Key West with a power boat top center.

I’m nearly finished printing these and others and they look fabulous. Again, if you are able, I invite you to come to the Montpelier Art Walk this Friday, September 4th, I’ll be at 13 Main Street from 4:00-8:00 with others from our f/7 Group.

More tomorrow!

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One thought on “A few more of water

  1. Deborah Leu on said:

    Fantastic scenery and shots, John. I try to get a window seat on planes so I can observe the fascinating landscape below. Sorry I can’t make the art walk. In MI moving my dad into his new place.

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