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The eyes have it


I’ve been working with Liz on a book she and her dad have written about his dad. He was a farmer in Michigan who lived his whole life within a radius of a few miles. But within that he was an accomplished farmer, a survivor of the Great Depression, a father of five, a loving husband for many, many years, a servant to the community in many ways and just an all around amazing guy. I feel fortunate to have know him and love learning more.

In the process of working on the photographs for the book, I became totally enchanted with Grandpa’s face—from grimace to delight to tired farmer—and especially he eyes. I’ve read how important faces and eyes in particular are to babies and humans of all ages, and this exercise demonstrated that well.


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5 thoughts on “The eyes have it

  1. These are beautiful photographs. What treasures.

  2. Carole Naquin on said:

    Nice! Look forward to the finished book.

  3. Just ordered it! Should be here in a couple weeks. This is the latest of six they’ve collaborated on! I’m just the photo guy and support team!!

  4. Jeff Danziger on said:

    Very nice. Kind of looked like my grandfather on my mother’s side. Worked for Con Ed all his life. >

    • Leighton on said:

      I’m honored to have such amazing and resourceful cousins as Liz and John. It is so important to chronicle this rich paydirt of Americana.

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