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Another walk and more photographs

One of the benefits of digital photography is being able to make many photographs. When I was using film, a “10-roll day” cost me nearly a couple hundred dollars. With digital, I think little of making 360 exposures. Of course, there is a price to pay regardless of the media as each image must be carefully scrutinized and many decisions about each one made. Ultimately, as was the case with film photography, I usually end up tossing more than 300 of them.

“Can’t you get better than that?” some (including me!) might ask. Yes, and I learn a great deal from about 100 of the ones I delete. Of the remainder, I’m often trying new ideas and seeing new opportunities so even those are not a wasted effort. The real challenge, as it was with film (as evidenced by the piles of negatives I still have) is simply deleting what doesn’t work.


How many images might I keep from a couple hours out walking on a lovely, thick-with-summer-green day, my camera ready and in hand? Yesterday I had a single image to share. I’d say that’s a great day. Here are the five from my most recent walk I’m excited about sharing.

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One thought on “Another walk and more photographs

  1. I really enjoyed seeing your flowers. I, too, enjoy walking with my camera and experimenting with whatever I see. In fact I have some flowers waiting to be posted – you have been an inspiration.

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