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Clouds from the ground

Clouds, viewed either from the airplane window and from the ground, can be such gorgeously dynamic events. While some people read them for upcoming weather, I tend to just enjoy the visual pleasure of so many shades of white and gray against a blue sky.

Here in Vermont we don’t often see the towering cumulus clouds that are common this time of year in the midwest so it was a great treat to be on the east side of the Rocky Mountains last week and watch the clouds forming nearly every afternoon and often dissipating in the evening.

I find the combination of the clouds set against the silhouetted mountains, still painted with patches of snow, to be particularly stunning. Add the colors of a sunset and—voila!—magic happens.

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One thought on “Clouds from the ground

  1. Julia on said:

    Stunning, John–clouds are always amazing, but when they meet the mountains–magic! Thanks so much for adding these bits of beauty to my day 🙂

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