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Along the road

Flower-0503This time of year beauty abounds along the back country roads. Not exactly wild flowers, rather mostly those that have arrived from one place or another and found room to grow in this other place that escapes our notice.

Some would call them weeds, “a plant out of place” as my old professor in a “weed science” class call them. Some are, in fact, horribly invasive, upsetting the balance of what was. Still, they have their own beauty.

May I share a bouquet with you?

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2 thoughts on “Along the road

  1. Deborah Leu on said:

    One person’s weed is another’s wild flower! Lovely blossoms.

  2. Chica Snell on said:

    So many gorgeous “weeds” for us to enjoy everywhere! Love the clouds too. See you soon! Love,Chica

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