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Imagining the many pieces of life

Most days I see something that absolutely blows my mind. On those when I don’t, I’m always clear I’m simply not seeing! Our world is so full of life, mostly unseen, but all fitted together so simply in its infinite complexity.

This time of year, when I hear a whirring sound, I keep my eyes open for plants moving in the small breeze caused by the wings of a hummingbird. This frequent visitor, a Ruby-throated, is always a treat to see. Here is a magnificent Anna’s Hummingbird I watched several years ago while visiting our daughter in Oakland.


Last week I also enjoyed seeing and then watching a hummingbird moth (Amphion floridensis, Nessus Sphinx) feeding on the nectar of Phlox in the garden. To even imagine these sorts of hovering life forms as either insect or bird is mind-boggling but there they are—right in front of me!

Now imagine the living creatures that live on and in this living creature or the pollen it carries away or the energy delivered by sunshine that makes this all possible?! Imagine…

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2 thoughts on “Imagining the many pieces of life

  1. Deborah Leu on said:

    I was going to ask about Anna’s in VT until I read the text. Wonderful photos – the hummingbird moths are very interesting. I saw my first one a few years ago and had to look it up. Thanks for a great day – we have to do it again sometime soon, and for longer!

  2. Nature is indeed ‘mind boggling!’ Just contemplating the unfurling of a bud to full leaf amazes me.

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