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I’m not giving up, but…

Two weeks ago it looked like Spring was “right around the corner!” I even raked some leaves off a strawberry bed and worked on some over-wintering salad greens. Then Vermont reminded me of something I know—and often tell others is true—that April here is still winter. More snow, more cold weather, more gray, bitter cold days. Not easy, even for someone who, like me, is basically eternally optimistic.

Tulip-8362Our yard is a hillside that faces north so my point of view, of a foot of snow in most places, is even more jaded than that of many this time of year! Yesterday I found one glory-of-the-snow flower opening, tiny and brave and just a bit sad. And a few tulips poking through the dirty, crusty snow. I know there will be more—soon—and in a week or two all this will be forgotten with the glory of blooms, bees and sunshine.

But yesterday I bought some Cate Farm lettuce starts at the Coop, potted them up and put the on the dinner table as our “floral centerpiece!” If I can’t have it happen outside yet, let’s have some Spring inside.

Happy Spring! This is what it looks like sometimes in Vermont.


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2 thoughts on “I’m not giving up, but…

  1. Marg Pifer on said:

    Gotta beat winter someway! Your centerpiece is lovely.

    Karen brought three new pots of African violets on Friday – one for Jane and two for me. They help with the spring business, as well as a walk outside half-way around our building. My legs were tired, but I was pleased to have done it.

    Cheers and keep smiling. Warm weather has always come. All good wishes, Marg

  2. Thanks, Marg. Fun to think of you two having time together and also of the long lineage of and wonderful those African violets!

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