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What if…?!

When Liz and I were in London several years ago, we made a stop at one of our favorite museums, the Tate Modern. The building was formerly the Bankside Power Station so the main entry opens directly onto a vast hall where the electric power turbines used to be with large windows at one end. It is a magnificent space.

Our visit was cut short by our having misread the hours the museum was open. In the ten minutes we had until closing, Liz made a beeline to the gift shop and, not a fan of such place, I stood up on the mezzanine waiting and doing some people watching. It quickly became obvious the sun streaming through the far windows had turned the hall into one of the most remarkable scenes I’d ever seen, as evidenced by one of the many photographs I made. I left the Tate wondering “What if the museum had been open? Would I have even stopped to see this amazing scene?”


Last year I hung this photograph in a show at our wonderful, local alternative movie theater, The Savoy, and the owner fell in love with it and several others. He asked if he could use them as part of the promotion of the Green Mountain Film Festival, associated with The Savoy. Of course I was thrilled and donated them.

I just received the Festival mailer yesterday and was pleased to find my photograph on the cover. Again, I found myself asking “What if I’d not hung that show?”


This photograph and two others will also again grace the downtown as banners announcing the event.


If you are in Montpelier March 20-29, enjoy some great films and the fine artwork! Thanks to GMFF for another great year of watching films.

“What if…?”


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8 thoughts on “What if…?!

  1. Rollin Tait on said:


    I like this photo a lot – strong shadows and dynamic shapes, with interesting edge variation. I especially like the modish woman with the the jaunty hips in the middle. Reminds me of an Henry Bressant (sp?) photo I saw in a university art class. I’m afraid I don’t like the way they’ve covered the most interesting part of the photo with letters in the posters though! The letters need to be at the bottom! Some people.

    Cheers Rollin

    Rollin Tait

    Half Moon House Upper Street Horning Norwich NR12 8NG

    tel: 01692-630621 mob: 07919-151383

    • Yes, my friend, it IS hard to see all that type on the photo. You know many photographers end up making photographs with room reserved for type! Luckily I don’t have to do that. I can still see past it all to what’s underneath! See you soon.

  2. Barbara on said:

    Congratulations. A wonderful honor.

  3. Caroline Carver on said:


  4. Deborah Leu on said:

    Super cool! And congrats on the festival flags.

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