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4 thoughts on “Ice-3773

  1. kspring on said:

    I love the bubbles

  2. I was just out by the river Raisin in the back yard. It is cold! Between 20 & 30..windy but no clouds, and some ice forming along the edges where downed trees & branches slow the flow. I noticed a few bubbles that were shimmering around but not moving on down the stream. The dog wanted a drink…water flowing on top of a layer of ice which the dog didn’t trust, and the bubbles under the ice. With a stick I tried to reach under the shelf of ice to puncture a bubble with the only result of breaking up into smaller shimmering bubbles if I switshed the stick fast enough right into it.
    Hard to describe. And hard to take a picture of the quality that captures the beauty of nature as you do. Look for these captured bubbles in the ice out your way.

  3. “Look for these captured bubbles in the ice out your way.” I know exactly what you mean! And they are lovely. I may have some in the camera from the hour I was out again today. Just be careful along the bank of that river!

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