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My (other) mother

Yesterday I wrote about Mother Earth. My birth mother would be 103 today if she were still alive. As it was, she lived to be nearly 96, dying shortly after a fall and a double fracture of her hip.

As you can see from the photograph below, made when she was 95, she was a joyous being right to the end, an inspiration for me in the many ways, especially how she honored Mother Earth and all life that inhabits her.

Mom2 4:04I know, if I could talk to her today, there’d be a lightness in her about my commotion over her birthday, a laugh or two, genuine interest in whatever I was doing and them some serious few words about how the world needed us all to do whatever we could to help make things better.

I can’t call her on the phone today but I can enjoy the memories and honor her in everything I do. Thanks mom!

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7 thoughts on “My (other) mother

  1. There’s the smile you’ve inherited, as well as her spirit. What a joy she must have been–and still is, thanks to her ideals being carried on by her children. Thanks for sharing, John.

  2. Caroline Carver on said:

    What a beautiful photograph. Her spirit and love of live shine through.

  3. Carole Naquin on said:

    She must have been a lovely mother, who passed on many of her qualities, physical and moral, to you.

  4. Thanks all. Yes, she was a remarkable human being and I’m so grateful to have had her in my life. Honestly, sometimes it feels like she still floats around and we talk to each other!

  5. Karen Dailey on said:

    Thanks for your lovely tribute to Mom, John. She still has a way of melting my heart remembering all her caring ways, her kindnesses, her willingness to overlook the rough spots while accentuating live’s joys. I love that she lives on in each of us. with much love, your Sis.

  6. Deborah Leu on said:

    A very late response to this wonderful tribute. I remember your mom very fondly.

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