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“What happened to the Ginkgo?”

Snow-3449My friend Alan asked me “What happened to the Ginkgo?” Somehow I forgot to post the photographs of the 125-year old tree this year as it turned an amazing shade of gold. Given the weather this week, as seen above in a view of Sparrow Farm and Camel’s Hump from upper North Street, it is probably a good time to think back to those warm Fall days!

Interestingly, this particular tree did not drop all of its leaves in a morning as it often does. Instead they fell over the course of about three days, but what glorious days they were! I made these photographs on October 26th.

Thanks, Alan, for the reminder. Now, back to winter!

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One thought on ““What happened to the Ginkgo?”

  1. Deborah Leu on said:

    Beautiful tree, beautiful photos. I hadn’t realized they tended to drop their leaves all at once. Then during our morning walks, we saw the park gingkos ablaze one day and empty the next.

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