Still Learning To See

Simply seeing

I find astonishing beauty at nearly every turn. This was moss and lichen growing on a rock by the river. When I think beyond simple beauty I’m seeing—shapes, colors, textures—and imagine the incredibly complex life forms and processes that are also there, my mind boggles.

I have so often been a colossal fool—all in such a perfect world. For now, I’ll let that thought go and simply enjoy seeing.


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One thought on “Simply seeing

  1. Never will I believe you’ve EVER been a “colossal fool”, John. You have the gift of opening up to the world beyond you and finding beauty there, even in the humble lichen which often are overlooked. For me, fools are people who can’t see beyond themselves–and that’s definitely not you 🙂 This picture is a great example of how you can find wonder in the patterns and shapes of life in all its forms. Thanks so much yet again.

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