Still Learning To See


The world of people and politics makes little sense to me tonight.

As the last few leaves on this Silver Maple drop, the buds have already formed for the leaves of next year, all against a sky that has been blue for eternity. Change is essential to life.

Imagine if the rest of life behaved like humans?!


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3 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Deborah Leu on said:

    Gorgeous shot, John. Totally agree with your comments.

  2. Thank you.. Sooo beautiful.. You got” the Moment!

  3. Ah, John–that’s yet another reason why your photographs are so important in my life. The natural world can be counted on–season after season, year after year. Since it is amoral, it simply EXISTS in all types of weather and form. It’s we humans who can be immoral–and thankfully, the rest of life continues around and beyond and beneath us. Thanks for the wise words and the beauty of the sky.

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