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Fall: simple, beautiful

Fall2014-2456 Fall2014-2568There are many more wild, sizzling photographs of Fall that I’ll post but today I want to share a few simpler images.

In this you can see what happens when you add wind to yellowing Birch leaves: magic happens.



And as leaves blow away in the wind, what remains are simple shapes and relationships. Yesterday I saw what I thought were leaves swirling through the air until they turned into birds flying up into a leafless tree! In this part of Fall, what we call “post-peak,” those kinds of simple, beautiful relationships are everywhere.

Fall2014-2471 Fall2014-2444


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2 thoughts on “Fall: simple, beautiful

  1. All; very nice!

  2. Deborah Leu on said:

    Love these beauteous golden leaf shots! Lots of wind, rain, and little color here on our boat in the PNW – but you know I love it anyway!

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