Still Learning To See

Dew, dawn and dunes

On the first morning I had a chance to visit the dunes at Ludington State Park several weeks ago everything was covered in heavy dew. I was soaked to the waist getting through the beach grass and the rest of me got soaked as I explored some of the Jack Pine woods. Luckily it was warm enough I didn’t have to worry and could just enjoy the magic of the dew.

Where the dew was directly in the sun, all was golden. Where it was not, the magic was all in shades of silver.

Like many I’ve often marveled at dew on spider webs. Here I saw that and then some!

Even the simplest of forms—a twig or stem of grass—became jewel-like.

A single wing of a moth, which no doubt had been dinner for some bird, was transformed into a piece of jewelry.



And, as I said yesterday about sand patterns, the simple beauty I see in the dunes stuns me. I find this bare stem of a weed with a few drops of dew on to be truly gorgeous.


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