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In the hills of Vermont

When we first moved to Vermont from Michigan, I felt hemmed in by the mountains. It seemed I did not see a sunset for the first couple of years! Now, 35+ years later, I love being cradled by the hills and valleys and mountains. I love the way the light plays off them and, yes, I now even see sunsets regularly!

Early Spring in Vermont is a gem that many miss, either waiting for the much more flamboyant Fall or being disappointed the Winter sports season is over. From the earliest, subtle changes—bark of trees greening up, buds swelling and changing color, early flowering trees, a first warm breeze—to the full-blown glory of a mountainside covered in Spring color, it is a time to relish if for no other reason than it comes and goes so quickly. This hillside is near the North Branch Nature Center, in full bloom at the end of April. This spot is always one of my favorites for a long walk, with or without a camera. GovGal-5646 And again, late Fall is special, a time for slowing down, getting ready for winter. Also often difficult for people because we must once again get used to being cold, living under gray skies for weeks on end and feeling a dampness that goes to the bone. But hidden in all that are the frames of the trees, the last of the fall colors—Tamarack, Red Oak, Hobblebush—and, with the leaves down, a return to seeing all the way into the distance. Here is a lovely, early November view of Spruce Mountain from a back road in Cabot. GovGal-4018 Both these images will hang in the upcoming Governor’s Gallery show.

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5 thoughts on “In the hills of Vermont

  1. Deborah Leu on said:

    Wonderful seasonal shots. I especially like the early November one with the different light and color tones on the mountains. This reminds me very much of the mountains in British Columbia. I’ve found it very difficult to get a clear view – your image is lovely!

  2. You did a beautiful job of capturing the soft colors of spring. Wonderful!

    • Thank you Pat. When I have “subjects” like this hillside, it isn’t hard to practice until I get it right. Still, the real thing is so much more amazing than i can ever portray here!

      • When I am doing something like your scene, I want to capture the birds singing, and the cool air against my arms, and the warmth of the sun on my face, and the smell of the forest floor. And although we can play with color post processing, it never has the glow and subtle variations of the real place. I understand your pleasure.

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