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What I see in the water

Narcissus may have gotten into trouble watching himself reflected in the water but I tend to watch other things, like clouds and trees, hopefully less problematic than my ego. I love the process of seeing reflections in water, a combination of the texture of the water—smooth, rippled, woven currents—and what is being reflected, typically a sunset or bright, white clouds, a bit of blue sky or fall foliage.

To celebrate the Summer Solstice, I’m posting another of the images I’ll use in the Governor’s Gallery show, a newly printed photograph of what I saw in Lake Elmore a few years ago from the end of a dock. The way the blue works with the whites and darker grays is quite stunning, almost a metallic feel to it all.

GovGal-1507Another of my favorite images, and this too will be in the Governor’s Gallery show, is one I did mid-summer in #10 Pond in Calais. The wind had caused the symmetry and the bright blue sky and dark cedars along the show added the color.


Both these photographs are great reminders to get outside and enjoy summer while we have it here. Happy Summer Solstice.


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One thought on “What I see in the water

  1. Julia on said:

    Love the allusion to Narcissus 🙂 You’re so right–the “seeing” you do in these photographs honors the sights themselves, and your water images are among my favorites since water is so very precious. That first image has the look of mercury (I like the poetic name “quicksilver” better). Thanks for the gift of these on the solstice!

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