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More poems (and photographs)

A young child enjoying wandering on a beach in Wales near Tenby.

A young child enjoying wandering on a beach in Wales near Tenby.

Yes, “More poetry is needed!”

From today’s Writer’s Almanac, a poem that fits the mood of much of what I feel day-to-day as I wander, especially given the plight of so many in this otherwise so gorgeous world and the rise of intolerance for each other almost beyond measure.

How close by the “peace of simple things” can be, but that we are blinded by lighting the way with burning men. Thank you, Wendell. Sometimes a poem is the only thing that makes sense of the senseless.


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One thought on “More poems (and photographs)

  1. Deborah Leu on said:

    These are wonderful images, John. And thank you for the poem itself as well as the memory job of Writer’s Almanac. I used to listen to it when we lived in upstate NY, but none of the PBS stations here carry it. I found I could get it as a podcast, though. Thanks!

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