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Seeing Randolph

My good friend and fellow photographer, Rob, and I have long thought we’d like to spend time in various small towns in Vermont using out cameras to discover what makes them what they are and to share what we see. Several weeks ago we needed to make a quick trip to Randolph, Vermont, and thought we’d begin to test the concept even if it is still germinating and not fully developed.


Randolph is a town I’ve known and enjoyed in many ways for over 30 years. Among other things it is home to many friends and an immensely vibrant arts community in the Chandler Center for the Arts. The idea of how to portray such a little gem as this town was not simple!


The day was off-and-on bright sun and heavy overcast, in and of itself a challenge. It was also bitter cold and windy. We agreed to work separately for an hour and then, given the size of the town, bump back into each other to talk about our individual experiences.

I was impressed that the town has continued to evolve and maintain itself in a viable fashion, and that became one of the threads in my photos. Also clear was a long swing of history, from the days of horse carriages and steam locomotives right up to today’s wi-fi and the recent economic downturn. Though I tended to focus mainly on the exteriors of the built environment, it was obvious that the town had always been about the people who lived there and the insides of the buildings and homes in which they work and live; I hope on our next foray to see more of that side of Randolph.

So here is what I saw of Randolph, just a single slice of time, on one cold, Spring morning. I know there is a great deal more to see, in Randolph as well as in many other small towns in Vermont, and I look forward to sharing that as I see it.


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2 thoughts on “Seeing Randolph

  1. Deborah Leu on said:

    Wonderful idea and many great shots. Gives a feel of what Randolph is like.

  2. Fine series; the first shot, with the people inside; the reflections and the cat, is fabulous!

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