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The end of winter…but slowly

March 27, our front steps showing the results of a long, cold and snowy winter:

Snow-0500April 6, spring is in the air and the sun high enough to make a dent in the snowbanks:



Snow-2023April 14 & 15, cleaning up in the gardens—even if on still frozen ground and jumping around piles of snow—in shorts and t-shirt and needing sunscreen!! Get snow tires taken off—”Are you sure??” I am asked.


April 16, back to winter, at least temporarily:



Where is my window scraper?? What snow tires?!? By the way, my car is NOT white!!



But “hope springs eternal,” as my dear old mom was fond of saying:

Snow-2-2 Snow-1-2

And I even had fun with an abstract of the snow on the door mat, inspired by my friend Julia!


It can’t last forever, can it?!



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3 thoughts on “The end of winter…but slowly

  1. Carole Naquin on said:

    This was great. All you needed was a photo of the rising rivers yesterday.


  2. Julia on said:

    Officially ROFLing here about the snow tires! Your door mat picture and my back patio photo shows that we’re staying as positive as possible, but DANG! My great-granny McCoy would say, “Oh, my stars and garters!” 🙂 Have a wonderful CA trip–

  3. Chica Snell on said:

    This too shall pass as Mom used to say. I love the crocuses popping us through the snow. I remember Alma’s used to do that as they grew on the south side of her home. I painted a picture of crocuses coming up through the snow and it is one of my favorites. Love you,Chica

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