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A thing of great beauty

It can be easy to make a photograph of some things—a sunrise or a new flower. Such was the case of this gorgeous staircase we saw several weeks ago on a visit to Pleasant Hill Shaker Village in Kentucky. The beauty of the thing was perfect and the way the light played on it was astonishing, whether viewed from below or above. The beauty of simple functionality was a mainstay of Shaker life.

I marvel at the thought of those who designed and built it and can only imagine the satisfying pleasure they felt when they first used it in the early 1800s. If I were nearby I’d go back to enjoy—and photograph—this practical work of art again and again!

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One thought on “A thing of great beauty

  1. Such symmetry of beauty! I’m so reminded of the chambered nautilus shell, one of the amazing examples of the Golden Ratio at work in nature. Wish I could add a picture, but not sure how to do that in a comment–so enjoy the visual wonder here:
    How wonderful to see humans creating beauty like this, John–thanks for sharing.

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