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Back to snow and memories of Botswana!

I returned Saturday from two fabulous weeks in Botswana. Wow! I left Vermont hoping we would have some snow on my return and the weather gods saw fit to deliver over two feet of gorgeous, fluffy stuff. Yesterday found me far away from the African bush happy on snowshoes but, honestly, having trouble remembering the amazing place I’d just been. I guess I can just be where I am and enjoy the many memories triggered by my photographs.

I saw many large animals (elephants, giraffes, lions, leopards, cheetah, zebra and more) all at close range, 174 species of birds (most of them mind-bogglingly gorgeous), and people who were so special and beautiful it brings tears to my eyes to remember them. Did I mention the baobab trees?

Africa-6265Africa-6214Africa-6241These are the famous “Baines Baobabs” at the edge of a large salt pan (ancient lake bed) in the Kalahari Desert. Some of the trees in this grove may be 10,000 years old—I know that is “impossible”—and measure nearly 150 feet in circumference. What a privilege to walk among them. They are still  vital, bearing a large crop of fruit enjoyed by people and other animals.

I’m already plotting how to get back but, for now, I’ll put on my coat and boots and enjoy this snow and my memories!


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