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Farms in Vermont

A great deal has been written about the decline of farms in Vermont. Few farmers, if any, are getting rich and many are barely getting by. The story in much of rural America is similar. The changes in the landscape in the 35 years we’ve lived in Vermont are significant.


While there are more and more young people getting into small-scale farming, mainly in support of our “localvore” economy, it is still a life of hard work fraught with risk and, this time of year, numbing cold. A visit to the farms of those who grow our food is always even more humbling than trying to grow that food myself. I always leave amazed, inspired and hopeful things can change.

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One thought on “Farms in Vermont

  1. Deborah Leu on said:

    Wonderful shots and commentary. I’m remember the many changes in the farms around Syracuse during the 20 years we lived there. It is a hard life for sure, but hopefully rewarding – and of course, completely necessary for the rest of us.

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