Still Learning To See

Further reflections

The process of seeing these reflections is remarkable—based on past experiences and a healthy dose of intuition—and, when I’m successful, often results in both an out-of-body experience and a wonderful photograph. It is easy to imagine Monet standing on the bridge!

The conditions yesterday were as nearly perfect as I might hope for as evidenced by these further images.

These four images (above) are each variations of the same stretch of water with slight changes in my position and focus and in-camera cropping; a cloud also moved in and out. I think all are “successful” and find the one below to really be breath-taking.



Cady's Falls-8839


One other, made in a different part of the stream with different backgrounds being reflected in different water textures, is also pleasing to me.

Cady's Falls-8881

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One thought on “Further reflections

  1. Your photographs are such a gift in terms of being “in the moment”–these images are much more than pictures; they are frozen time, so that beauty will not be lost. As usual, thanks for “seeing” as you do.

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