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The Ticonderoga steamboat

I’d promised to share a few more photographs from our recent visit to the Shelburne Museum. One of the delights of this remarkable gem is the Ticonderoga, a side-paddle-wheel steamship that traversed Lake Champlain from the early to mid-1900s. What a pleasant surprise to see this boat now preserved on land and to read of its amazing history including the chapter of its arrival at the museum.

Strolling around the boat is truly a walk back in time. The rich detail preserved by the Museum provides such a wonderful snapshot of what travel on the Lake must have been like, from the kitchen to the dining room or the engine room to the wheelhouse. There is far more than can be absorbed in a short visit and this one part of the museum alone could lead to hundreds of other journeys into the fascinating history of the region.

A few photographs to entice you to visit or, if, as we had, you’ve been before, to re-visit!

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One thought on “The Ticonderoga steamboat

  1. nannus on said:

    19th century machines tend to be beautiful in a way missing from most of today’s technology. One reason might be that only the beautiful ones where preserved in museums, but I have the feeling that craftsmen and engineers in those days tended to add some beauty beyond the mere functionality.

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