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The buzz

We’ve finally had a few days of sunshine and with many flowers in full bloom the pollinators are all “abuzz!” Fun to watch this diverse group of bees, flies, and wasps at work in the gardens. Even I stuck my nose in a flower or two!

Honey bees are, of course, in trouble all around the world for several different reasons, all created by humans. While other pollinators are available, the damage to food crops from the loss of bees has been immense and could become catastrophic. Each of us can do a small part by refusing to buy produce produced with pesticides, by not using pesticides and herbicides and by planting more flowers. If you are up for some real fun, learn more about bees and get a hive going.

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One thought on “The buzz

  1. your sis, Karen on said:

    You, and your bees, wasps and flies, have put out quite the challenge, John. Thanks for all the consciousness-raising you do…and for the marvelous collage of photos today!

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