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Life is a bowl of cherries!

The weather forecast on the evening of May 14th was not good: temperatures predicted to drop into the mid-20s. My tart cherry trees—in their second season—were in full bloom for the first time! What to do?!?!

I got out a hose and a fine spray nozzle and left a small amount of water running all night. I knew, even if the water froze, it could potentially keep the blossoms from being killed. This is what the tree looked like at 6:00AM on May 15th:

Cherry-0741But by noon the ice had melted and most of the blossoms were looking good and being well pollinated by insects. Amazing.

This was what I picked two days ago from one of the trees (Stella), just a few steps ahead of the many hungry birds in the yard:

Cherry-3353Life can be a bowl of cherries! Yes, it was the entire first crop but I was grinning ear to ear! The other tree, a later variety, will be another week or two in the ripening.

The only thing better than a bowl of cherries is two of them, with ice cream, and shared with my sweetie. What an amazing gift life can be!


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3 thoughts on “Life is a bowl of cherries!

  1. Deborah Leu on said:

    looks scrumptious! and the harvest is much more than Don got from our first (and only) two apple trees in Syracuse. 😉

  2. Chica Snell on said:

    How wonderful! Delicious looking too.

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