Still Learning To See


I love this time of year! Even if we’ve had more rain and less light than is good for both plants and photographers. The rhubarb is up and unfurled with some already in my stomach and more in the freezer. One day last week, when the sun made a brief appearance, I savored the translucent quality of the plant’s large leaves.

Perhaps I’ll be inspired on this rainy morning to dig back in the library and pull out a whole series of various leaves with back lighting!


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4 thoughts on “Translucence

  1. Marti Snell on said:

    Lovely as it is, but do a dive into this picture and imagine it as a view from high above, green fields of odd shapes, rolling contours casting shadows and on the edge of a dark sea. Thanks Rhubarb and John.

  2. Thank you John! We certainly do miss so much, but I appreciate your capturing some of this beauty for us! All my love, Chica

  3. You capture nature so well its beauty in all shades of green. Love your blog, Allie

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