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“Sugar snow”

I’ve been down with the old “one, two” count, foot still in an air-cast and on top of that a nasty cold. Just about the time I’ve thought I might add a count of “three,” I remember “this too shall pass” and many, many are in tougher straights than I.

And so…I’ve practiced some “Rear Window” photography, as my friend and frequent commenter Debbie, calls it and have also, very uncharacteristically, gone for drives! While neither compare with a long hike or snowshoe, both are better than feeling sorry for myself. Add to these two strategies a dash or two of real Spring—a large bouquet of Forsythia forced into bloom on the table in front of me and a male Cardinal, brilliant against the snow, singing for his mate—and I’m doing great.

This morning the “sugar snow”—as this light, fluffy magical stuff is called in February or March—was absolutely gorgeous, an inch or two outlining every single branch.

From the “rear window,” these views started my day:

Before long I was in the car and off to see the local scenery and it was even warm enough (for me at any rate) to have the window down. This was the lovely view of Montpelier I saw on my drive out and around the countryside before the snow began to melt and fall:

Finally, two photographs proving Spring is not far off in this part of the world:

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3 thoughts on ““Sugar snow”

  1. Deborah Leu on said:

    Gorgeous sugar snow shots. I especially love the Montpelier scenes. and the sugar maples remind me of upstate NY, my home for many years. The forsythia shot is super – glorious color and lovely focus against that dark background!

  2. Dave Timmerman on said:

    Thanks John. Hope you are able to travel ok.


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  3. on said:

    Yes, I took some similar backyard pictures. Exquisite. Barb

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