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The show is up!

I’m thrilled to share the news that we hung my new show this morning at the Central Vermont Medical Center gallery! I think it looks fabulous. Thanks to all who supported me in this venture. I’m so excited to have you visit if you are able.

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11 thoughts on “The show is up!

  1. It’s WONDERFUL!!!! The groupings are done beautifully–congratulations on an excellent job. I will be there in spirit–what a gift you are to all of us and your community! How deeply you must feel each photograph as you stand before it, since you’re the only person who sees all the depths of each one. Thank you so very much.

  2. Many thanks, my friend. Your support and comments have been so sustaining in the process. As I was hanging the photographs, I also enjoyed remembering the stories behind the making of each of them.

  3. Margaret O'Toole on said:

    Such an impressive representation of your great work. I’m sure you are very proud. It looks fantastic. Congratulations.

  4. Thanks so much. I hope you and Bob can see it soon and let others in the area know about it.

  5. Cindy and David on said:

    Hooray! Wish we could be there to see the show but we have treasured each one along your journey. Love and congratulations!

  6. Deborah Leu on said:

    Congratulations! It looks like a wonderful presentation to match your fantastic photos. Don’t think we’ll be able to get up to see it in person, but many others will.

  7. Dave T on said:

    What a great display and presentation of what you have captured for all to see. We look forward to the visit this Friday. See you soon.

  8. What a gift to see all this beauty when I walked into the hospital this morning. Thank you!

  9. awesome john. It’s great to see the pics hanging. and love the groupings. wow!

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