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Opportunity @ sub-zero temperatures

When temperatures drop well below zero, as they did briefly last week (-17F), I always make an effort to get out with my cameras. There is one spot at Morse Farm that is always near the top of my sub-zero list—a swale with a ready supply of ground moisture that often breeds wonderful frost patterns.

Of course working at those temperatures, even when I’m dressed for it, must necessarily be slow and purposeful. While I’m always careful, honestly I’m less worried about frost bite than I am about accidentally breathing on and thus melting a crystal pattern or stepping into a drift I then want to photograph.

While the morning was not a huge photographic bonanza, I found it invigorating and full of icy wonder and even made a few images that I’m enjoying.

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2 thoughts on “Opportunity @ sub-zero temperatures

  1. These are really magical, John–the kingdom of the Ice Queen! I’m amazed you can work at such temperatures–thanks for being “eyes” for those of us snuggled up in our quilts!

  2. Dave Timmerman on said:

    Wonderful catches in the cold, John. The sun enhances everything and all you have to do is capture it as you have. Would love to join you some day on one of your photo journeys.


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