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Finalist #29, ice on the stream’s bank

CVMC Finalist-9314We’ve cycled back round to that point in the year where the streams freeze. When the process is just beginning, beautiful, clear ice can form along the banks of the stream. I love the contrast between the still liquid water rushing along and the ice, encapsulating the leaves.

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3 thoughts on “Finalist #29, ice on the stream’s bank

  1. This is stunning–the subtle leaf colors under the ice are glimmering!

  2. Thank you! Yes, I love the way the leaves show through the clear ice. It never lasts long, soon to be snow covered, but is always beautiful while it does.

    • Sometimes I wonder if the appreciation of beauty–especially in nature–is partly based on the fact that the moment DOESN’T last. I used to want to hold onto moments so tightly and mourned their passing. Your photographs allow that moment to be treasured, even when gone. You are a custodian of beauty 🙂

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